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Dr. Terri Shannon-Renfro

Phone: (408) 482-6810
Email: healingpathway@mac.com

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Career Background

Dr. Terri’s work in healing came about organically. As life brought its challenges, she sought creative solutions. Terri experienced pain and fatigue even ass a child. Hints of her being “a healer” first appeared in childhood. From a very young age, Terri could sense when others were in pain. 

In adulthood, a diagnosis of Chronic Pain evolved into paired diagnoses of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue. Pursuit of treating these conditions directed her into her life’s calling.

Her personal quest for healing led her to share her discoveries so often, it evolved into her business, “Healing Pathway.” Her work consists of part intuitive / spiritual gifting, along with both academic and practical life experience education. Terri has been working in various disciplines in alternative health for over 2o years. She also served as Lead Practicioner for the Los Altos Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy during the life of that store.

Education | Degrees and Certifications

Dr. Terri has a Bachelor of Science degree with a double major in Bible and Theology/Management and Ethics from William Jessup University. She graduated Summa Cum Laude and was awarded the Delta Epsilon Chi Award fo Leadership Ability from The Honor Society of The Association for Biblical Higher Education.

Terri went on to study naturopathy with its full mind/body/spirit perspectives, earning two doctoral degrees:
• Doctor of Naturopathic Ministry (DNM), and a
• Naturopathy degree (ND-unlicensed) from Trinity College of Natural Health

She has been certified and trained in the following::
• Certified in Cellular Response, a technique similar to Reiki. Terri’s speciality is Energy Healing.
• Certified Wellness Coach and Consultant
• Frequency Specific MicroCurrent (FSM) training

Terri enjoys spending time with her husband and family, camping, reading, wine tasting, and spending time in Nature surrounded by the Creator’s glorious greens! 



Techniques Used:

Body Work

Frequency Specific Microcurrent

Cellular Response Energy

Healing Bodywork

Reflexology—Hand and Foot Massage

Chakra Assessment & Balancing

Intuitive Energy Work

Distance Healing

Coaching & Consulting

Wellness Coaching

Back Flower / Traditional Flower

Remedics Consultations

Aromatherapy Education & Consultation

Centering & Breath Training

Wellness Visualization

Sessions and Training

The Ennegram Path to Growth




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