Functional Nutritional Medicine

What Is Functional or Nutritional Medicine

Functional or Nutritional Medicine addresses detoxification problems in the digestive and liver systems. When these organs are properly restored, the body is given the opportunity to reverse almost all degenerative conditions of the immune and nervous systems and endocrine function. Functional medicine sets out to detox the GI tract, then get the liver detox systems supported and strengthened, and lastly, clean up the toxins in the tissues and cells via a four-step process.

The four-step detoxification process to promote better digestion, nutrition and protection against free radical damage:

Abnormal intestinal microorganisms (parasites, bacterial pathogens, small intestinal overgrowths).

Replace hydrochloric acid via friendly bacteria and digestive enzyme replacement. Also, fiber addition supporting motility and production of short-chained fatty acids.

Metabolic activity through the use of full spectrum friendly bacteria (L. acidophilus, B. bifidus, L. planetarium, L. salivarius, L. bulgaricus, etc.).

Support healing of intestinal membranes and lining, plus liver detoxification system through the use of antioxidants and food-based nutritional supplements high in minerals and vitamins.

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