What is Scope 538?
The CNDA has introduced SB 538 to address existing limitations in the Naturopathic Practice Act. Specifically, the legislation will lift the current prescription supervision requirements to allow NDs to prescribe more of the medications consistent with the training of a naturopathic doctor.

The removal of these limitations will allow naturopathic doctors to practice in accordance with their training and provide comprehensive primary care services to patients. It will further reduce barriers to the growth of the naturopathic profession in California, which has been stunted as naturopathic graduates opt to practice in states where scope is reflective of full naturopathic training.

Now that SB 538 has been introduced to our state legislators, we need you to let them know that California voters want healthcare that is convenient, integrative and by choice.

ND Scope Modernization Bill [SB 538] passed another vote in the state legislature on June 30th! We still have a few votes to go and we need to pass each one in order for SB 538 to become law.