Nutritional Counseling and Weight Management

Using the latest research in functional nutritional medicine,  we will evaluate your current dietary habits recommending improvements to detoxify and restore nutritional health. We use an integrated approach to help you achieve a healthy weight through natural medicine, including acupuncture for weight loss, naturopathy, TCM dietetics, the Blood Type Diet, and Serotyping with Advanced Modifying Inventories (SWAMI) software.

Following your consultation, you will receive a personalized nutrition plan designed for your optimal health and tailored to your dietary preferences.


Testimonial for Our Nutritional Counseling Program

“I came to Dr. Julie six months ago for a nutritional consultation because I wanted to improve my health through the foods I eat.  A few minutes into my consultation, I was very impressed with Dr. Julie’s knowledge of Naturopathic and Traditional Chinese Medicine. It was absolutely a mind-blowing experience for me to learn a fusion of these two wonderful medicines. It was more than a consultation for me, it was a high-level education, but very easy to understand and simple to apply. Dr. Julie Tran-Olove is a rare treasure to find because she is one unique doctor who not just embraces 2 great medicines, but is devoted to treating and guiding her patients to better health.”
— L.Q.
Willow Glen, CA