Rates & Insurance

Free 15-minute health consultation for all new patients
($50 value)

New Patient Visit (Acupuncture)
(1.5-2 hour of new patient intake & basic physical & acupuncture treatment)
Follow-up visit: $90

New Patient Visit (Naturopathy)
$250 – $350
Adults (Comprehensive) – 2 visits.
Visit One: 1.5-2 hour of new patient intake & basic physical.
Visit Two: 20-30 minutes of treatment options & lab recommendations.

Children (infants-17)
$150 and above
-Complex health history (Autism, ADHD, Asthma, Chronic infections, skin conditions, etc)
-Vaccine Counseling
(Dr. Tran does not vaccinate per scope of California)

Follow-up visits
Depends on time & complexity.

*10% off for prepaid 5-visits – all services

Wellness Visit
$100 /45 mins
For generally healthy persons who want recommendations to address dietary needs, risk factors, and lifestyle. Explore specialty tests to customized individual nutrient program such as food intolerance testing, micronutrient testing,  detox, and cleansing.

$50  30 min massage
$85  60 min massage

BIOMAT Thermotherapy
15 min: $20
30 min: $50
60 min: $85

Cellulite Reduction Package
 (12 sessions) – Includes Skin Care –
(the products used are exclusively for your treatments)
Or $95 per visit w/o skincare

Interactive Metronome®  (IM)Training
Free initial consultation and assessment
$1500 (15 sessions – 2 or 3x’s /week) there is a 10% discount for full pre-payment
$80 for follow-up visits after the initial 15-treatment session

Ayurvedic Services
Marma Balance
New Patient $170
Marma Balance Follow-up $80
Aroma Therapy New Patient $170
Aroma Therapy Follow-up $80

Face Bliss Service
Face Bliss
Massage New Patient $170
Face Bliss Massage Follow-up $80
Face Bliss Special Package $260 (4-30min. sessions with self-massage lessons)

Cancellation Policy

Silicon Valley Natural Health enforces a 24-Hour cancellation policy for all appointments. Appointments canceled within less than 24-Hours will be charged the full rate for that appointment. Please note that all Monday appointments will require Saturday notification. We value your patronage and will always do our best to accommodate your needs.

Insurance Coverage

Yes, we accept insurance. (Acupuncture Only)

Knowing if your plan offers acupuncture coverage is a good start, but more information is needed to get a full understanding of your specific coverage. Before arriving for your first visit, please contact your insurance provider and ask to speak directly with a customer service representative for an explanation of policy benefits and coverage:

  • Ask if acupuncture is covered on your policy. If the answer is yes, you will need to ask more questions to understand the extent of coverage:
    You will need to understand if there is a copay. If so, what is the amount? Is it a set amount or a percentage?
  • Are there limits on the number of acupuncture treatments or dollar amount limits?
  • Is there is a deductible amount which applies to acupuncture treatment?
  • Are you covered for out-of-network providers? You should ask if a referral or pre-authorization is required for your policy.
  • Ask if there are any specific acupuncture diagnosis requirements? Even if you’ve met all of the criteria above, an insurance company will pay for acupuncture only when treatment is considered medically necessary and acupuncture is an appropriate treatment for the patient’s condition.

Please click the link below if you would like help with your insurance verification.

Free Insurance Verification

TriNet Veterans CoverageCoverage for Veterans

We’re proud to be part of the TriWest Network providing medical care for our country’s Veterans. We think they’ve earned it.