A potent natural remedy near and dear to my heart lately is clove essential oil.

Remedies: oil of cloves-spice of dignity.
Humans have been using cloves for thousands of years. Archeologists have found cloves in ceramic vessels in Syria dating somewhere around 1700 BCE, a Chinese leader in the Han Dynasty required those who addressed him to chew cloves to freshen their breath in the third century BCE, and in the 15th century AD, cloves were the main ingredient in a compound vinegar used by thieves to keep them from contracting the Black Plague while robbing the dead.

A profitable part of the Historic Indian Ocean Trade, clove is a popular aromatic spice in Asian, African, Indian, and Middle Eastern cuisines. Clove is rich in minerals such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, as well as vitamin A and vitamin C. Considered a carminative, which “warms’ the digestion, clove increases hydrochloric acid in the stomach and stimulates the peristaltic movement of the entire digestive system.

A common remedy in Ayurvedic, Traditional Chinese, and Herbal medicine practices – clove has powerful analgesic (pain-killing) and antiseptic/antibacterial properties. Clove is one of nature’s magical substances that kills or repels virtually all “pests” known to man. Bacteria, parasites, fungus, germs, die in its presence, even mosquitoes flee from it. It’s also a powerful anti-inflammatory, increases circulation and stimulates the immune system.

Most often recommended as a home remedy for toothaches, clove oil disinfects as it quickly numbs the pain-it’s even used in modern dentistry to treat the pain of a dry socket prepping root canals and as part of some temporary restoration materials. It can also be used for headaches, nausea, indigestion, bronchitis and asthma.

The main compound, eugenol, is behind the powerful aroma, that according to Aromatherapists, strengthens the mind and body, relieves headache, increases focus, stimulates memory, dispels anger and depression, and incites happiness and contentment! (Worwood 1996)

But clove oil should be used with care, it can irritate the skin when applied neat (undiluted) and should not be used on small children.

Having said that, here are some ways you can use clove oil at home:

Put 1 drop of clove oil on a cotton swab and apply directly to a painful tooth or gum (not for babies or children!)
Add 1 drop of clove oil per 1 oz of vodka to make a disinfectant spray for cuts, wounds, scabies, athlete’s foot and fungal infections.
Add 2 drops of clove oil per 1 oz of vodka, and apply mixture one drop at a time to relieve the pain and itching of insect bites.
Add 1 drop of clove oil per 1 oz of massage oil to make a topical rub for joint pain or rheumatoid arthritis.
Add a few drops of clove oil, along with rosemary, basil and orange to an aromatherapy diffuser when studying for an exam to efficiently retain data.
Add a drop of clove oil to a tablespoon of coconut or sesame oil for advanced oil pulling.

28 Surprising Benefits of Clove Oil


28 Surprising Benefits of Clove Oil