Helpful Videos on Natural Health and Wellness

At Silicon Valley Natural Health, we believe in educating individuals on the benefits of alternative medicine. Here are several videos you may find helpful.

Meet Dr. Julie Tran-Olive

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Silicon Valley Natural Health

Meet Susan Schmidt
Educational Therapist

Additional Resources on Natural Health and Wellness

Seafood watch from Monterey Bay AquariumSee what types of fish are recommended for eating

Environmental Working Group – Check out their helpful consumer guides
The Clean 15 –  Fruits and vegetables recommended for consumption
The Dirty DozenFruits and vegetables that should be avoided



FAQs – Naturopathic Physicians – Get answers to frequently asked questions about naturpathic physicians 


FAQs – What is Acupuncture? – Get answers to frequently asked questions about acupuncture. 

FAQs – How does Modern Research and Acupuncture Work Together? – Find out about the latest studies.

FAQs – How can Acupuncture Help Women’s Health? – Acupuncture helps women in many ways.

FAQs – How Does Acupuncture Help with Pain? Learn how the 

FAQs – How Can Acupunture Help with Opioid Addiction?

FAQs – How Can Acupuncture Help with Post Traumatic Stress?