Sarah Dykstra, LAc,CMT

Sarah Dykstra, LAc, CMTOriginally from the Mid-West, Sarah Dykstra began her undergraduate education in Wisconsin, at Eau Clair University. During her Sophomore year, Sarah traveled to Tokyo Japan where she studied at the international campus of Sophia University for one year. With much curiosity, she then traveled within Asia, visiting India, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand.  Sarah then had an opportunity to live in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for 14 months. Her many journeys helped her form a deep appreciation for the traditional medicines and healing practices of the East and the Middle East.

Following her travels, Sarah spent the next several years raising a family. As a mother of four, Sarah understands personally the special time of pregnancy and birth as well as the individual needs of the mother in the first months following birthing. Her personal experiences of natural birth influenced her passion for quality postpartum care. She says that “a doula is there to ‘mother the mother’ and assist the family with new changes in their lives.” As a certified postpartum doula, Sarah provides physical and emotional support and ensures the mother is receiving proper nutrition, has time to care for herself, and time for socializing with friends.

Sarah’s interest in the healing arts and holistic medicine led her to pursue a Masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Her work with families and children incorporates acupuncture, massage therapy, lifestyle counseling, and herbal medicine to support their growth and wellness.

Today Sarah lives with her youngest son in the Bay Area and enjoys visiting her adult children who live in Oregon and Finland.

Education and Training

  • Licenced Acupuncturist, 2014
  • Certified Massage Therapist via California Massage Therapy Council,  2015
  • Asian Massage and Healing Arts Program, extension program at Five Branches University, 2014
  • Certified Postpartum Doula, Postpartum Health Care, 2014
  • Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Five Branches University, San Jose, CA. 2013,
  • Associates Degree of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Psychology, Santa Rosa Junior College, 2005 – 2008
  • Associates Degree of Natural Sciences, Meteorology, General Biology, Santa Rosa Junior College 2005 – 2008
  • Associates Degree of Spanish Language, Santa Rosa Junior College 2005 – 2008
  • Sophia University Japanese Studies, 1979 – 1980
  • University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Pre-Nursing Studies, 1978 – 1979


  • Clinical Resident at Five Branches University, San Jose, CA, March 2015 to present
  • Intern at Five Branches University Clinic August 2009 – 2013
  • Intern at Akiyama Wellness Center Clinical Externship January 2013 – May 2013

Sarah is a member of:

  •  AAAOM, American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
  •  BABI, Bay Area Birth Information