CutiCareMD Sulfur Soap Box

CutiCare MD Sulfur Soap

You can now purchase 10% sulfur bar soap by CutiCare, from Silicon Valley Natural Health.  This soap is dermatologist recommended for treatment of acne, rosacea, scabies and skin fungus. It is a plant-based cleanser with glycerin and is the mildest, most effective, and most natural sulfur soap available. Contains no oils or lanolin to clog pores. It is fragrance-free and made in USA.

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10% Sulfur Soap

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My dermatologist prescribed sulfacetamide sodium topical suspension 10%, 2x’s daily to treat rosacea. The problem was that it sat on top of my skin and made it hard to moisturize or wear any foundation. Dr. Tran recommended that I use sulphur soap instead. I wash my face 2x’s a day and my rosacea is completely cleared up! I bought a bar for my daughter and it has cleared up her acne as well. The only thing that I don’t love, is the smell. It does smell like sulphur so I follow up with a splash of certified organic Rose Hydrosol for added moisture and heavenly scent. Thanks Dr. Tran!
~Debora, C.