I love this place, it’s so peaceful. I was working with Dr. Julie for my fertility acupuncture sessions. I worked with her for almost 3 months and got the results I was hoping for. The scheduling is seamless and is a very positive atmosphere. Highly recommend 
—Jinal S.

I had a great experience with Dr. Julie. I didn’t need acupuncture but did need to get blood tests. She helped determine which specific blood tests were needed, and when the results were in, she sat with me and thoroughly explained all the results. Dr. Julie is extremely knowledgeable about general health and wellness. She’s been a great resource for me each time I’ve peppered her with many wellness-related questions.
—T W.
San Jose 

Dr Julie Tran-Olive treated me and it was such a welcoming experience. I’ve never had acupuncture before and she kindly walked me through the process. Ask about the biomat!

—Juliette C.
San Jose

As I’m gearing up to write this, tears are forming..I have been a long time sufferer of migraines and have worked countlessly with chiropractors, acupuncturists, natural healers, massage therapy you name it! And nothing I mean nothing has cured me. I even sought out Botox/steroid injections because the pain and frequency was unbearable. That’s when I decided to hire Dr. Julie to be my naturopathic doc. She really took the time to listen to my concerns and needs and she prescribed me natural herbs to help with my headaches. I can honestly say I haven’t had a migraine in weeks. I am forever grateful to have her in my life and helping me with all my medical needs going forward. Highly recommend.
—Marcia H.
Los Gatos, CA

Dr. Julie Tran-Olive has treated me recently for neck and back pain,  and I have found her to be very professional, compassionate and helpful.
Sherry M.
San Jose, CA

My experience here was excellent!    I have heard very good reviews from friends about Dr. Julie”s acupuncture and cupping skills and decided that I need to make an appointment with her to fix my neck and shoulder.  She was so patient.  I was coming from another city, so the traffic made me an hour late, but she stayed and waited for me.
I’m a huge fan of calm and serene spaces, and Dr. Julie’s practice definitely provided that.   She had relaxation music and a warm room to keep me comfy. Throughout the hour, she explained how she was working on my back, and the tools she was using so that I am aware and educated.  
The cupping was very good, I felt like it’s eased the shoulder pain, and wasn’t overdoing the muscle. I’ve had bad experiences with other acupuncturists, so I’m very particular.  She ended it with a nice massage to the neck. She even remembered to get water for me.
I really appreciated the service that I got from Dr. Julie. She was professional, knowledgeable, passionate about her work.  As a patient, I left feeling very good after having such a rough week with my neck/shoulder injury.
—Terri R.
San Jose, CA

Dr Julie Tran has been and continues to be a tremendous help to me and my family’s health and wellbeing. I’m very grateful for her knowledge, insights and expertise in addressing some complex chronic health issues with her naturopathic and acupuncture acumen! Her office is professional, welcoming and the amethyst warming mat is an experience unto itself. I cannot recommend her highly enough!
—Susan S.
San Jose, CA

I came to Dr. Julie Tran with ankle pain that I’d been experiencing for approximately 2+ months. She asked me some questions and ascertained I needed a specific acupuncture treatment. Within minutes of receiving the treatment my ankle started to feel better. By then end of the treatment (maybe 15 mins) I felt great! I walked in with a pain level of 7 (on a scale of 1-10) and left at a 1! Thanks, Dr. Julie!
—Gary C.
Patterson, CA