The Best Book on Naturopathy

40_thumbI’d like to let you know why I wrote The Best Book On Naturopathy.

First, I wanted to encourage other people with an interest in naturopathic medicine to pursue a career in the subject. At the same time, make sure this is something you want to commit to. Becoming a licensed naturopathic doctor involves years of education and clinical experience.

Second, I wanted to create a practical guide to naturopathic education. Finding the right school can be tricky. You’ll need to consider location, classes, and professors. Choose the best school for you.

The admissions process is never fun. Inside, you’ll find helpful tips for writing your application essays, what to look for in a recommendation letter, and advice to ace your interview. In addition to a guide on admissions, you’ll find an overview of naturopathic schools where you will learn about core classes, clinical experience, and modalities to make the most of your experience.

Finally, graduation is only the beginning a career in naturopathy. Classes don’t prepare you for setting up your own practice and treating patients. In this book, I’ve created an easy guide to considering your own practice and setting up appointments with patients. Building a client base will take a couple years—be patient!

Transforming an interest in and passion for naturopathic medicine into a career can be challenging. Only a few states and provinces currently license naturopathic doctors. You’ll need to make difficult decisions about where to practice, what school to attend, and which area to specialize in.

Transform your passion into a fulfilling career. Good luck!


Julie Tran, N.D., LAc