Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a practice of health care that is over 5,000 years old and is rooted in the ancient philosophy of Taoism. Within this philosophy, the human being is perceived as a microcosm of the larger Universe. Each person is both interconnected with nature and influenced by its forces. Vital energy, or life force called Qi (pronounced “chee”), circulates throughout the body through a system of pathways called meridians. The forces of nature have profound effects on the organs, tissues, and cells. Each part of the body has a distinct function, however, all the parts are interdependent and the meridians transmit the flow throughout the body.  A balanced body has the ability to fight illness or at least cope with catalysts of disease.

There are five branches of TCM

Qi Gong (movement)
Dietetic (diet and lifestyle)
Tui Na (Chinese massage)

The role of TCM is to help the patient restore and maintain a balance of energy before it becomes a disease.

Does TCM work?

TCM has been widely studied in both the East and West. The overwhelming consensus is that yes it is a complete and effective system of primary health care.  Although Western “evidence-based” research does have difficulty explaining exactly how TCM works, it continues to grow in popularity as more of its techniques are adopted by western practitioners.

How does TCM work?

Traditional Chinese Medicine views the person in terms of body mind and spirit to create a holistic picture of one’s state of wellness. It does not focus on or treat the symptoms of illness alone. Therefore, disease is addressed through the underlying causes of physical, emotional and psychological disturbances. External factors such as lifestyle and environment are also taken into account. The methods to treat a patient can be very direct and work quickly, or the process of healing can take time and require several treatment sessions. When the underlying causes of illness are treated using a personalized technique or approach, the effects are long lasting.

Is TCM right for me?

Silicon Valley Natural Health works with each patient to understand the underlying causes of their illness. Our goal is to treat each patient using the safest, natural, and drug-free methods. TCM is a complete and effective system of healthcare, however, our practitioners often use an integrated approach using Eastern and Western modalities of training. Our goal is to create a treatment plan that is effective, sustainable, and tailored to your individual needs. TCM can be the perfect solution to your healthcare needs. If not, an integrative solution might be more appropriate for your circumstances. If you have questions about what is right for you, please make an appointment. Our clinic will assess your needs and tailor a plan to help you achieve optimal health.